Our Favorite Indoor Plant Stands!

Indoor plant stands don’t just show off your plants and enhance the aesthetic value of your home, they are also important for plant health.

Why are Indoor Plant Stands Important?

Without a plant stand, many small container specimens would have to sit on the floor, far from a bright windowsill, or be placed on some piece of furniture that may be nowhere near a window. This can easily spell death for your plant since, as we’ve said before, indirect light levels plummet as you move away from the windowsill.  A good indoor plant stand keeps your plant off the cooler ground (which can chill roots) and at a height and location that is good for both you and the plant.

But which to choose? While there are many that could do the job, there are a handful of models that we think strike the right balance between good looks, function and price.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are our suggestions.

Indoor Plant Stands: Editor’s Top Picks

Hanging Window Plant StandHanging Window Plant Shelves

Avg. User Rating: 4.9/5.0 stars

Dimensions: 20″ Wide, 6″ Deep & 54″ Long

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While not actually an plant stand per se, this hanging shelf unit is currently the highest ranked indoor plant stand on amazon.com! Why?

These shelves put your plant material right up against the window – just where you want them. Moreover, they allow you to use the entire height of the window and thus makes the most efficient use out of the light. If using a south-facing window, these are absolutely perfect for herb gardening  or growing cacti, flowers, succulents, or any other small high -light plants. And for other exposures, you can grow just about any other small houseplant or use them to start seeds or cuttings. Finally, this unit comes pre-assembled with four virtually indestructible acrylic shelves and steel hanging cables for strength.

Coaster Garden Wrought Iron Plant StandCoaster Garden Wrought Iron Indoor Plant & Phone Stand

Avg. User Rating: 4.5/5.0 stars

Dimensions: 16″ Long, 12″ Wide  & 35 1/2″ High

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This is a very inexpensive but incredibly sturdy and versatile wrought iron indoor plant stand that doubles as a phone stand or handy corner table.

Puts plants, a phone, books/magazines or whatever else you desire. The good height and three-shelf design makes anything you put on it within reach. Moreover, this small stand looks great and is very durable. It’s no wonder why it has a near 5-star record.


Chinese Ming Dynasty Indoor Plant StandMing Dynasty-Inspired Oriental Indoor Plant/Pot Stand

Avg. User Rating: 4.8/5.0 stars

Dimensions: 9.5″ in Diameter by 7.8″ High

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This beautiful replica of a Chinese Ming Dynasty pedestal looks great with nothing on it!

It’s great for short plants, floor plants or displaying virtually anything, including bonsai, fish bowls, pottery, sculpture or whatever else that can fit on it. It’s also as durable as it is stylish, with a deep rosewood stain that is protected by a thick layer of glossy lacquer for added appeal and water resistance. A real unique option among the more traditional  indoor plant stands. If you enjoy an oriental flare to your home decor, this is an easy choice.

3-shelf wrought iron indoor/outdoor plant standGifts & Decor Country Apple Plant Stand Shelf

Avg. User Rating: 4.4/5.0 stars

Dimensions: 19.2″ Wide, 15.5″ Deep & 19.8″ High

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You really can’t go wrong with this 3-shelf indoor/outdoor plant stand.

It’s made from decorative and virtually bullet-proof wrought iron that has a delicate apple branch design, which can hold just about anything you can fit on the shelving. In addition, there’s no fuss with assembly. The unit folds out and can be used immediately. Finally, the price is definitely right. What else can you really ask for? A no-brainer good deal on a handy little 3-shelf stand.

5-shelf plant stand or corner shelving unitFrenchi Home Furnishing 5 Tier Corner Stand

Avg. User Rating: 4.4/5.0 stars

Dimensions: 20″ Wide, 14.5″ Deep & 47.8″ High

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This is another inexpensive shelving unit that can be used as an indoor plant stand or for just about anything else.

The 5-tier shelving makes great use of narrow, vertical spaces and the open, airy design lets in lots of light if used for plants. As an added bonus, it happens to be beautifully-made and coated in a rich, cherry-wood finish that can complement virtually any space.


Baker's rack plant stand in wrought ironInternational Caravan Iron Folding Bakers Rack

Avg. User Rating: 4.5/5.0 stars

Dimensions: 25.5″ Wide, 10″ Deep & 59″ High

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Attractive iron folding bakers racks are perfect outdoor/ indoor plant stands, and also provide room for potting and plant care accessories. Of course, it can just as easily hold a stack of cookbooks and various baking items too.

The entire rack and the four spacious shelves are constructed of heavy wrought iron and come in 3 color schemes to match virtually any decor. And the folding nature of this wrack makes it easy to pick up and move around. Bakers racks are usually fairly expensive units, but the room and flexibility they provide the indoor or patio gardener make them easily worth it.

Panacea Products Baker's Rack Plant StandPanacea Products Baker’s Rack Plant Stand

Avg. User Rating: 4.3/5.0 stars

Dimensions: 17″ Deep, 36″ Wide & 75″ High

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This is another very popular baker’s-type indoor plant stand, but is quite unique.

In short, the Panacea Baker’s rack plant stand is big, sturdy and beautiful. Composed of black powder-coated stainless steel, this stand will hold large pots and other heavy items. The design accents used on this rack are undeniably elegant, and really set it apart for us. In particular, the simple square bars and shelves, in contrast with the classy side railings make it as much a work of art as a plant stand. While not inexpensive, it’s size and detailing is worth the extra price.

Mandalay CorStrong and simple - the Mandalay Corner outdoor/indoor plant standner Outdoor Wrought Iron Folding Rack

Avg. User Rating: 4.8/5.0 stars

Dimensions: 19″ Wide, 14″ Deep & 52″ High

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The Mandalay Corner Iron Folding Rack makes an outstanding plant stand, but can be used for so much more.

The thick antique wrought iron and latticed 4-rack shelving gives this rack elegance and strength, and the folding design let’s it accommodate small corners that may otherwise be left unused. It’s also just the right height for keeping plants adjacent to windowsills and other light entryways. Simple, sharp and functional.

Achla Designs has made a very sturdy and elegant indoor plant standAchla Designs VTT-01 Round Trivet Plant Stand

Avg. User Rating: 4.9/5.0 stars

Dimensions: 12″ Diameter & 14″ High

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If you’re looking for a sharp and very sturdy table-type indoor plant stand, this is it.

The Achla Designs Trivet plant stand does nothing earth shattering; however, it will hold up the largest plants with ease and look good doing it. It is composed of heavy-gauge metal and is finished with a classy graphite-powder coating. Users simply rave about the hand-made quality and just how strong it is – even sturdier than it looks in the picture. It’s also very reasonably-priced to boot!

A beautiful and sturdy example of a simple wooden plant standCoaster Home Furnishings Kittitas Plant Stand in Solid Wood

Avg. User Rating: 4.2/5.0 stars

Dimensions: 11.5″ Wide, 11.5″ Long & 30″ High

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Sometimes metal and wrought iron just doesn’t fit in. We get it!

If you are looking for a softer, more wood-toned indoor plant stand, then the Kittitas Plant Stand composed of solid oak is a great choice. In case you don’t already know, oak is one densest types of furniture wood available, and therefore can easily withstand the weight of any pot you can set on top of this stand. It’s also covered in a beautiful stain that shows off the natural grains of the wood.

Marble and cherry wood finish - an attractive combination in a plant standCoaster Plant Stand Side Table, White Marble Top

Avg. User Rating: 4.2/5.0 stars

Dimensions: 12″ Diameter by 27 1/2″ High

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There’s nothing not to like about this very affordable and attractive pedestal-type indoor plant stand.

First off, the top-shelf is cast in a beautiful white marble, which contrasts nicely with the stand that is finished in a deep cherry-wood lacquer. The height is just about perfect for a variety of common houseplant sizes and because this stand is so affordable, it will leave you more money to build up your indoor plant collection. A best seller!


Santa Fe Nailhead makes some of the classiest outdoor / indoor plant standsSanta Fe Nailhead Iron Rectangular Plant Stand

Avg. User Rating: 4.7/5.0 stars

Dimensions:  30″ High, 24″ Wide & 11″ Deep

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This outdoor/indoor plant stand has a classic beauty and is just the right size for wide planters or several smaller pots.

Moreover, it is strikingly elegant and durable. This model is composed of heavy, UV-resistant iron that is finished in a clean matte brown powder coating. If you ask us, the latticework on the top and especially the lower shelf is particularly attractive. But don’t mistake it’s elegance for flimsiness – both will hold very heavy plants.

Another fine example of Santa Fe iron workmanship. Santa Fe Iron Three Tier Plant Stand

Avg. User Rating: 4.5/5.0 stars

Dimensions:  31″ High, 23″ Wide & 11″ Deep

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This is another Santa Fe indoor plant stand we just love.

We are always impressed at how strong these stands are despite their very thin and elegant look. Like the model above, this one also features gorgeous and detailed latticework, and is made with heavy powder-coated metal. But this one has 3 shelves. The classy and understated brown matte finish is a real eye catcher indoors or outside on the patio.

Skinny Baker-type indoor plant stands like this one are relatively rare.Deer Park BR107 Skinny Bakers Rack

Avg. User Rating:  4.5/5.0 stars

Dimensions: 73″ High, 18″ Wide & 12″ Deep.

[button size=”small” type=”success” value=”Check Price & Reviews!” href=”http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0015V94CS/indoorplantz-20″]

This is an excellent baker’s rack that is tailor-made for narrow spaces.

With lots of height to go with it’s attractive and durable matte-colored metal construction, any houseplant lucky enough to be displayed on this rack will shine. The shelving is very sturdy and the whole unit is surprisingly lightweight despite it’s stregth. A great alternative to the typically wider style of most metal baker’s rack stands.

Have any Suggestions For Indoor Plant Stands?

If there are any models that you can personally vouch for that are not listed here, we’d love to hear about them! We may feature it on this page and let everyone know you told us about it!