mevevensmallerlHi, I’m Rick Butcher. I have been working with plants for most of my life, first as a dabbler, then a researcher, then an environmental consultant. However, no matter how much I’ve learned about these fascinating organisms in the classroom and out, I always learn something new. Even species that I’ve cultured dozens of times still surprise me. The great thing about plants is that, given half a chance, they will thrive despite you. There are times when I was sure a plant was beyond hope, only to watch it mock me with a full recovery. Despite what anyone tells you, there are very few hard and fast rules when it comes to plant care; the best we can do is to try to understand where they’ve come from and meet their basic needs. They will do the rest.

I sincerely hope that you find something useful on this site, and that it helps you care for your plants a little better. I can assure you that your plants will repay you handsomely for your efforts!

Truly Yours,

Rick Butcher